For this curated website build, the emphasis can be on the curation of online courses for personal branding building or as an affiliate website.

Types of online course collections you could build are:

  • A showcase of the courses you offer on Udemy, Skillshare and others (either using your self-referral link for Udemy or using affiliate links to boost your income on Udemy & Skillshare)
  • A showcase of courses within a chosen field. These can be curated per instructor or per topic.
  • A site for resources used in creating online courses using Amazon affiliate links for products
  • A site that specialises in online email drip courses being offered
  • A site that outlines upcoming paid webinars, workshops, courses and meetups.

Get in touch to discuss these options and how we could tailor your online course website to suit your business goals.


We build content curation & affiliate websites to display your research, build your brand or run as revenue-generating side projects.